Why we’re so passionate about Australian made and sustainability.

It’s no secret, the fashion industry, especially fast fashion, receives a failing mark in terms of sustainability.  


Fashion has an immense environmental cost both in the production and disposal of clothes. According to the United Nations Environmental Program, the equivalent of one garbage truck full of clothes is burned or dumped in a landfill every second. It also comes at a high social cost, with workers employed in unsafe conditions and receiving minimal pay for long hours. 


Curious and Brave is about challenging the fashion industry and doing things differently. Curious and Brave are proud to manufacture in Australia.  

Although we have been advised to produce garments overseas at a lower cost, we choose to manufacture our garments in Australia. Yes, it costs us more and as a customer, you pay more but at least you know where and how your clothes are made. 

Through our commitment to Australian pattern making and manufacturing, Curious and Brave provides ongoing work, Australian wage rates, job security and safe working conditions to our makers, most of whom are women. 

As well as Australian made, Curious and Brave is committed to sustainability. We source quality OEKO certified fabrics. OEKO-TEX® is an independent test and certification system which certifies that textiles and fabrics are certified free of harmful chemicals and are safe for human use. 

We also use source bolt end fabrics and Designer deadstock. Bolt ends are the last remaining fabrics on a bolt (or roll) while deadstock fabrics are the remainder fabrics of designer brands who have over-ordered fabric or have fabric surplus to needs. 


By using these fabrics in our range, we divert the fabrics from becoming waste through landfill or incineration. As an added bonus, our customers get to purchase unique limited-edition pieces designed with quality designer fabric at a fraction of the price. 


To further promote sustainability, we also encourage people to buy less and be more thoughtful and intentional with their clothes shopping.  


This is why a key component of Curious and Brave clothing label is our collection of capsule wardrobe garments. This is a collection that has a set number of garments that can mix and match with each other to create many outfits.  


This minimal approach aims to reduce fashion waste by encouraging people to purchase quality items which can be utilised for years, if not decades. 


We show our clients how 10 pieces of our versatile clothing can create over 50 outfit combinations. 


By utilising a capsule wardrobe, you’ll choose quality over quantity, practicing sustainability and minimalism while still looking stylish. 


It’s these core principles of sustainability and Australian-made which make Curious and Brave the label that we are.